President’s Message


Driving Technological Evolution That Builds Customer Value and Enables a More Energy-efficient World

Driving Technological Evolution That Builds Customer Value and Enables a More Energy-efficient World

Semiconductors have become essential to our daily lives and show almost unlimited potential for helping us to create a more abundant future.

Efforts to ensure the current digital and green transformations (DX, GX) develop in a well-balanced and harmonious way are driving the technological innovations we need to preserve the Earth’s environment and achieve carbon neutrality. This is causing fundamental changes in people’s basic lifestyles, requiring semiconductors to further evolve.

At SCREEN SPE Tech, we are engaged in the development, design and production of semiconductors that are indispensable for growth of the IoT and the realization of a sustainable society. We are mainly focused on devices that are 200 mm or smaller, including power, optical and in-vehicle devices plus other electronic components that make up SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions’ Frontier series of products.

With semiconductor devices undergoing such major changes, we are committed to providing our customers with optimized, forward-looking solutions. To best respond to these changes, each of us maintains a real desire for consistent, non-stop growth and strives to improve our manufacturing and technical capabilities on a daily basis.

We have been focusing our full energy on future-oriented technological development and how we can provide our solutions to customers in a timely way. I am convinced that by doing this and growing at an industry-leading speed, we can also spur the evolution of semiconductors.

Going forward, we intend to further increase our ESG initiatives and expand our range of green devices. We will do this by continuing to deliver products that are safe and environmentally friendly as well as solutions that fully satisfy our customers. I hope you will all continue to support us as we pursue these important goals.

Satoru Kawakami, President SCREEN SPE Tech Co., Ltd.

Corporate Profile

Company name SCREEN SPE Tech Co., Ltd.
Business activities ・Manufacturing and sales plus associated activities for equipment related to the electronics industry (semiconductor production equipment as well as wafer, LCD and PCB inspection and measurement equipment)
・Equipment refurbishing operations (purchasing, restoration and sales of used equipment) plus extension of service life (sales of refurbished parts, development of replacement parts, and revision and modification of specifications)
Locations Head Office
Furukawa-cho 322, Hazukashi, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto
At Rakusai Site, SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd.
Kuze Site (former head office)
Ooyabu-cho 425, Kuze, Minami-ku, Kyoto
Kyoto Minami Office
Tsukiyama-cho 557-1, Kuze, Minami-ku, Kyoto
At Kyoto Minami Office, SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd.
Established September 1, 1983
Capitalization 480 million yen
Representative Satoru Kawakami, President
Number of employees 200(As of 2023)